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    Thank You & An Announcement

    Though I wish the results had been better, I am very happy with them and proud of my campaign. I got 22,602 votes, and I appreciate every single one. I am very thankful for all of the support I have received throughout my campaign against Goodlatte. I want to thank those who volunteered, did pro-bono work, donated, and of course voted for me.   I want to especially thank Robert […]

  • Defining My Campaign for the U.S. House

    So you may be asking yourself, “what would a Hammer Congressional term look like, and how would it affect me?” Well, I cannot guarantee enactment or repeal of particular legislation, I can guarantee you my unwavering principles, history, and a possible snowball effect. If elected, I would become the first Libertarian elected to Federal office. This in itself would be huge news and forever live within the history of the […]

  • Gary Johnson Endorses Hammer for US Congress

    I am very honored and proud to receive the endorsement of Gary Johnson. He is one of the few politicians that I have looked up to since identifying as a libertarian. Gary Johnson’s statement: “I wholeheartedly endorse Will Hammer for Congress in Virginia’s sixth Congressional District. Will is a principled Libertarian and will work in Washington to maximize freedom and reduce the size and scope of government. His opponent, Bob […]

Will HammerUS Congress Candidate

Will Hammer is the 2014 Libertarian candidate seeking election for the U.S. House of Representative in the 6th Congressional district of Virginia.

We need another voice for liberty in Congress. We need to not look at whether the candidate has an R or D beside their name, but rather what the candidate stands for.

— Will Hammer

The two party system is broken. My election is a great opportunity since there is only one major party in the race to send a message to Washington and champion for some meaningful change, not lip service.

— Will Hammer

If elected, I will work with coalitions to advance freedom, not play political games.

— Will Hammer


Libertarianism is a set of related political philosophies that uphold liberty as the highest political end.


Liberty is generally considered a concept of political philosophy that seeks to identify the conditions in which an individual has immunity from the arbitrary exercise of authority.

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