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Press Releases

  • Goodlatte: Convenient Constitutional Conservative

    You may hear the term Constitutional Conservative often lately, whether it is in discussions with friends and family or listening to a campaign ad.  There are some genuine Constitutional Conservatives in office, like Rep. Justin Amash (MI), but mostly being a Constitutional Conservative has become vogue within the Republican Party, with many anti-freedom voting Congressmen waving that flag the proudest. Listening to Rep. Goodlatte, you would think he is a […]

  • ISIL & Our Foreign Policy

    The current situation with ISIL is a direct result of our flawed interventionist foreign policy created and supported by nearly every member of the United States Congress. The US Government created ISIL by intervening in foreign countries without considering the second and third order effects of our actions. There is no debate that we invaded Iraq in 2003 with bad intelligence. The Iraq War was sold to the American people […]

  • Corporate Cronyism on Full Display by Both Parties

    Two headlines this week concerning elected officials on both sides of the aisle highlight the cronyism inherent within our government.  Bob McDonnell, a Republican, was found guilty on 11 counts of corruption. His Democratic successor, Terry McAuliffe, backed a pipeline through Virginia after receiving $75,000 in campaign donations from Dominion last year. If we held our elected officials to higher standards nearly all of them would share McDonnell’s fate.  They […]

  • Ending the Drug War Not Just Beneficial to Drug Users

    The ALS ice bucket challenge has captivated the US, and much of the world as well. The viral movement has currently raised awareness and over $21 million for ALS research. While that is great, there is one huge thing that the government can do right now to help ALS sufferers deal with the discomfort and pain of ALS, as well as possibly prolong their lives. End the Drug War. Ending […]

Will HammerUS Congress Candidate

Will Hammer is the 2014 Libertarian candidate seeking election for the U.S. House of Representative in the 6th Congressional district of Virginia.

We need another voice for liberty in Congress. We need to not look at whether the candidate has an R or D beside their name, but rather what the candidate stands for.

— Will Hammer

The two party system is broken. My election is a great opportunity since there is only one major party in the race to send a message to Washington and champion for some meaningful change, not lip service.

— Will Hammer

If elected, I will work with coalitions to advance freedom, not play political games.

— Will Hammer


Libertarianism is a set of related political philosophies that uphold liberty as the highest political end.


Liberty is generally considered a concept of political philosophy that seeks to identify the conditions in which an individual has immunity from the arbitrary exercise of authority.

Meet the Candidates: Will Hammer

Will Hammer at the Roanoke Tea Party