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09 Oct

Vote Against Both Evils

This November 8th, if you decide to vote, you have a huge choice to make. You can either vote for a corrupt crony politician, or you can vote for a vulgar corrupt crony reality TV star. Because of the media, ...

14 Dec

Live Free(r): Mindset

Freedom, in its absolute, is the ability to self govern, to own yourself and not be subject to external coercion. We can never be truly free in this world, as long as there are nation states and the like. But, ...

03 Dec

The Man in the High Castle

I have always been a fan of Philip K. Dick’s writing and the movie adaptations of his works. I first heard of PKD by watching Blade Runner, one all time favorite science fiction movies. And, of course, many movies followed ...

24 Nov

Live Free(r) in an Unfree World

Live Free(r) in an Unfree World This is the first installment of a series I plan on writing about trying to live free in an unfree world. These articles will provide technology, products, best practices, and other information on how ...

20 Nov

Welcome to

Welcome to the new! I plan on using this site to post all my thoughts on current events, political philosophy, and technology. I will also cross post most articles that appear on here onto my other website Freedom Gulch. ...