It is with great pleasure that I formally announce my candidacy for Virginia’s House of Delegates 20th District. I believe that my strong showing in 2015 and growing distrust and distaste for the two major parties, specifically incumbents, represents a great opportunity to go to Richmond as a third party candidate and actually represent the people, not corporations and special interests.


I will be seeking the Libertarian Party nomination again and there will be a lot of carry over from my 2015 campaign. I will be looking to get people to talk about the role of government, personal and economic freedom, and the grave failure of the two party system. Party politics has polarized and divided us and I look to end that. I may be a dissenting voice in Richmond when elected, but you will know where I stand, that I am not bought by corporate interests, and that I will work with both sides of the aisle to protect and grow your liberties and rights in Virginia.


In 2015, I garnered 3,425 votes, or roughly 24%. This was a historic result for a Libertarian in a two way race in Virginia, being the 5th best in history. But, when you compared my results to Democratic challengers against Bell, it is even more impressive. The previous Democratic opponents of Bell both were able to achieve roughly 29% in two way races. So, as a third party candidate, I was about to cover 83% of their result. This was done with only spending 4-10% of what the Democrat challengers spent and less than 2% of what Bell spent.


I want to grow and better our community. The natural beauty of the area I have called home all of my life, the beautiful architecture and history, and most importantly the kind and considerate people. Whether you are Democrat, Republican, or independent, the two party system has failed us and we must send them a message. Electing a Libertarian will send a loud message to Richmond that we are tired of business as usual. When elected, I will fight against the Dominion pipeline because property rights are sacred, to end gerrymandering and corruption, bring transparency to Richmond and publish a reasoning for every vote that I place. I will hold online and in person public forums for my constituents. I will protect your gun rights as I was given an A grade from Gun Owners of America last year. I will fight for judicial reform, marijuana legalization, balancing the budget and paying down the state’s debt. I will walk the walk, not talk the talk. If you are tired of business as usual and the duopoly of the Republicans and Democrats, join me and let’s seriously drain the swamp known as Richmond.