Welcome to the new WMHammer.com! I plan on using this site to post all my thoughts on current events, political philosophy, and technology. I will also cross post most articles that appear on here onto my other website Freedom Gulch.


For the past two years, I have used this website for my campaigns, but I specifically got a domain name and social media handles that weren’t campaign specific so that I could use them for more personal reasons afterwards. The website has been scrubbed of all campaign issues and posts, aside from links to the articles from my campaign.


As of now, I do not have any specific plans to run for public office again in the near future. Of course, that can change. But, I want to focus on another aspect of libertarian activism – writing. I plan to expand that to video production, interviews, podcasts and other means of communication as well with my other website, Freedom Gulch.


Not going to go into depth on libertarianism on this post, as I will definitely in the posts to come, but I just wanted to welcome everyone that is following me. If you enjoy and/or appreciate what I do, you can donate fiat currency or bitcoin at the links in the footer below or tip me with ChangeTip in my posts. If you have any suggestions, comments, or just want to discuss libertarianism, please do not hesitate to email me at will@wmhammer.com or use the contact form in the menu above.


Thank you again. I hope that I can use my platforms to continue educating people on libertarianism as well as promote and advance the libertarian movement.


In Liberty,

Will Hammer